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Yeast Substitution Chart

   Many recipes call for the use of Wyeast brand yeast cultures. While we do not carry the Wyeast brand, we carry a wide assortment of yeast selections from White Labs. Listed here are recommendations for White Labs strains that can be used in place of their Wyeast counterparts.

   These recommendations come from a combination of conventional internet wisdom and comparisons of strain descriptions from both manufacturers. While some recommendations may not be an exact replacement, they will be a very close approximation and create a fantastic brew in the proper style.

   Some White Labs strains listed here are Platinum strains, which are only available certain times of year. These varieties can be special ordered by calling our Norfolk store at 757-459-BREW (2739). The months these yeasts are available are listed by their names.

Wyeast StrainRecommended White Labs Substitute
1007German Ale YeastWLP029German Ale / Kolsch Yeast
1010American Wheat YeastWLP320American Hefeweizen Ale Yeast
1028London Ale YeastWLP013London Ale Yeast
1056American Ale YeastWLP001California Ale Yeast
1084Irish Ale YeastWLP004Irish Ale Yeast
1098British Ale YeastWLP007Dry English Ale Yeast
1099Whitbread Ale YeastWLP006Bedford British Yeast (Sep-Oct)
1187Ringwood Ale YeastWLP005British Ale Yeast
1214Belgian Abbey YeastWLP530Abbey Ale Yeast
1272American Ale Yeast IIWLP051California V Ale Yeast
1275Thames Valley Ale YeastWLP023Burton Ale Yeast
1318London Ale Yeast IIIWLP002English Ale Yeast
1332Northwest Ale YeastWLP005British Ale Yeast
1335British Ale Yeast IIWLP025Southwold Ale Yeast (Nov-Dec)
1338European Ale YeastWLP011European Ale Yeast
1388Belgian Strong Ale YeastWLP570Belgian Golden Ale Yeast
1469West Yorkshire Ale YeastWLP037Yorkshire Square Ale Yeast (Jan-Feb)
1728Scottish Ale YeastWLP028Edinburgh Ale Yeast
1762Belgian Abbey Yeast IIWLP540Abbey Ale IV Yeast (Jul-Aug)
1968London ESB Ale YeastWLP002English Ale Yeast
2000Budvar Lager YeastWLP802Czech Budejovice Lager Yeast
2001Urquell Lager YeastWLP800Pilsner Lager Yeast
2007Pilsen Lager YeastWLP840American Lager Yeast
2035American Lager YeastWLP840American Lager Yeast
2042Danish Lager YeastWLP830German Lager Yeast
2112California Lager YeastWLP810San Francisco Lager Yeast
2124Bohemian Lager YeastWLP830German Lager Yeast
2206Bavarian Lager YeastWLP820Octoberfest Lager Yeast
2247European Lager YeastWLP920Old Bavarian Lager Yeast (Sep-Oct)
2272North American Lager YeastWLP840American Lager Yeast
2278Czech Pils YeastWLP802Czech Budejovice Lager Yeast
2308Munich Lager YeastWLP838Southern German Lager Yeast
2565Kolsch YeastWLP029German Ale / Kolsch Yeast
2633Octoberfest Lager Yeast BlendWLP830German Lager Yeast
3056Bavarian Wheat Yeast BlendWLP320American Hefeweizen Ale Yeast
3068Weihenstephan Weizen YeastWLP300Hefeweizen Ale Yeast
3278Belgian Lambic BlendWLP655Belgian Sour Mix 1
3333German Wheat YeastWLP380Hefeweizen IV Ale Yeast
3463Forbidden Fruit YeastWLP720Sweet Mead Yeast
3522Belgian Ardennes YeastWLP550Belgian Ale Yeast
3638Bavarian Wheat YeastWLP351Bavarian Weizen Ale Yeast
3711French Saison YeastWLP590French Saison Ale Yeast
3724Belgian Saison YeastWLP565Belgian Saison Yeast
3763Roeselare Ale BlendWLP665Flemish Ale Blend
3787Trappist High Gravity YeastWLP500Trappist Ale Yeast
3942Belgian Wheat YeastWLP410Belgian Wit II Ale Yeast (Jul-Aug)
3944Belgian Witbier YeastWLP400Belgian Wit Ale Yeast
5112 / 3112Brettanomyces bruxellensisWLP650Brettanomyces Bruxellensis
5335 / 4335Lactobacillus delbrueckiiWLP677Lactobacillus Bacteria
5526 / 3526Brettanomyces lambicusWLP653Brettanomyces Lambicus