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We offer kits to get started with both beer and wine.

Welcome to HomebrewUSA!

We are a home beer and winemaking supply shop serving the East Coast.  We are proud to offer a full line of ingredients and equipment to serve all your fermenting needs and offer speedy shipping to anywhere in the country.  We carry ingredients for beer, wine, cider, mead, liquors and more.  Use the navigation bar at the top to browse our catalog or perform a search for specific products. You can also visit our Hampton Roads store locations in Norfolk and Hampton.

We are proud to partner with local breweries around the Tidewater area.  Orders placed through our website can be delivered to any participating brewery for a lower fee than standard shipping.  You can grab a locally brewed pint while you're picking up your order.  More information.

All delivery orders received before 3pm eastern time will be shipped the same day!

If you are new to beer making, we recommend you start with an equipment kit and an ale recipe ingredient kit.  We'd also recommend reading the basic brewing instructions.

If you are an experienced brewer looking to make something special of your own, try our new Custom Recipe Creator.  We offer a wide variety of ingredients to make any style imaginable.

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