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15 Random Products

A randomly selected sampling of our products. These products are chosen entirely at random with no specific relation to each other.

WLP650 Brettanomyces Bruxellensis

A culture with medium intensity Brett character. This is the classic strain used in secondary fermentation for Belgian style beers and lambics. Can be used in secondary fermentation and bottling to produce a characteristic flavor.

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World Vineyard, Italian Pinot Grigio

Dry in character and with a pleasant zip of acidity, this Pinot Grigio shows off a pleasant floral fragrance and tremendous fruit flavors, making it the perfect picnic accompaniment.

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Homebrewer's Answer Book

Solutions to almost every problem a home brewer will face. This book presents all you need to make great beer in an easy to read, Q&A format. Covering topics from beginner to advanced, The Homebrewer's Answer Book offers advice for making great beer and troubleshooting tips for when things don't go according to plan.

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Nelson Sauvin Hop Pellets, 1 oz.

A unique hop from New Zealand named for its wine-like properties. This hop has an aroma and flavor reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

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WLP940 Mexican Lager Yeast

From Mexico City, this yeast produces clean lager beer, with a crisp finish. Good for Mexican style light lagers, as well as dark lagers.

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CO2 Cartridges, 16 gram, Box of 6

Contains six 16 gram CO2 cartridges. Use with the CO2 charger to dispense kegged beverages on the go.

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WLP802 Czech Lager Yeast

Pilsner lager yeast from Southern Czech Republic. Produces dry and crisp lagers, with low diacetyl production.

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Wine Conditioner

For sweetening finished wine. Contains inverted sugar and potassium sorbate to prevent further fermentation.

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Bucket Lid, 7.9 Gallon

White lid for the 7.9 gallon fermentation bucket. Has a grommet lined slot for attaching an airlock.

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Light DME, 1 lb.

Malt extract that has had more moisture removed than liquid malt extract. Useful as an all-purpose malt base for any style of beer.

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Sin City Amber Lager

An Amber lager with large amounts of Munich malt for great malt body and a balanced finish. Similar to the Vienna lagers of German origin, this is a very popular style with beer drinkers around the world.

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Cider House Select, Cranberry Apple

Sharp cranberry tones blend with sweet, fruity apples to create a medium sweet taste with an acidic bite that will make your taste buds tingle.

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Biscuit, 1 lb.

This toasted malt will provide a warm bread or biscuit flavor and aroma and lend a garnet-brown color. Used in many Amber or Brown ales to add a grainy malt complexity.

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Wheat DME, 1 lb.

Malt extract that has had more moisture removed than liquid malt extract. Used for making wheat beers or adding a touch of body to golden ales.

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CaraHell, 1 lb.

Pale German caramel malt that gives a full, round malt flavor.

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