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We offer kits to get started with both beer and wine.

15 Random Products

A randomly selected sampling of our products. These products are chosen entirely at random with no specific relation to each other.

Summit Hop Pellets, 1 oz.

A high alpha variety useful for aroma purposes. Has a distinct spiciness with earthy, onion, garlic and citrus tones. Useful for pale ales and IPAs.

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Tank Plug, Liquid, Cornelius

Tank plug for Cornelius style kegs. Attaches to ball lock disconnects. Liquid side only.

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Bottle Filler

3/8" bottle filler for beer. Has a valve that will stop flow when removed from the bottle. Fits into 5/16" x 7/16" siphon hose.

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Dial Thermometer

A 12" long dial thermometer with a range from 0 to 220 degrees fahrenheit. A large dial face makes it easy to read. Clips onto the side of a brew pot.

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Hydrometer Test Jar, Glass

A glass tubed hydrometer test jar that provides a steady location to store wort or must samples. Allows for easier taking of gravity readings.

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Funnel, 10"

A 10" diameter Funnel with detachable strainer. Useful for pouring beer or wine into a carboy for primary fermentation. Has a thin mesh strainer that will catch small particles during the pour.

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Island Mist, Strawberry White Merlot

The medium pink White Merlot lays the groundwork and the natural strawberry flavor weaves in a pleasant sweetness for a wonderful and delicious sensation.

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Sight Gauge, 11"

An 11 inch glass tube that fits onto the outside of a kettle, fermenter or mash tun. The tube fills up to an even height with the liquid level in the container, letting you take an easy volume reading. Two of these can be chained together to create a longer gauge.

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Oak Chips

Used to replicate a barrel aged flavor in wine and beer. 4 oz. packet.

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Star San, 8oz

Star San is an acid based sanitizer used to kill bacteria and wild yeast on all brewing equipment. It requires only 30 seconds contact time and is completely no rinse.

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Fullofit London Porter

A full bodied London porter. Silky mouth feel and great chocolate notes prevail with support from the spicy English hops.

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Commercial Keg Conversion Kit

This kit converts any standing refrigerator into a kegerator with taps on the front door. Enjoy draught beer at home.

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Selection, Italian Amarone

An intense, complex wine with a wide array of flavors and aromas. This heavyweight exudes aromas of sour cherries, dark chocolate, stewed plums, dried fruits, anise, raisins, bitter almond, tobacco, leather and molasses. The huge volume of tannins create a spicy-earthy bittersweet finish that goes on and on.

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Selection Eclipse, Washington Pinot Gris

From the Yakima Valley. Fresh aromas and flavors of ripe honeydew melon, crisp green apple and an attractive floral note. The wine has an elegant, creamy finish restrained by a refreshing crispness that makes it very food friendly.

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Kettle Dip Tube, 7" x 3/8" ID

Dip tube attachment for a large brew kettle. Attaches to the liquid port near the bottom of the kettle to facilitate a more complete drainage. This dip tube is 7 inches long and will drain larger sized pots. It has a 3/8 inch inner diameter and Fits 1/2" FPT ports.

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