Distillers Yeast

Yeast strains designed to quickly make highly alcoholic bases for liqueurs. Dry yeast does not have to be refrigerated and will keep longer than liquid yeasts.

  1. Distiller's Active Dry Yeast (DADY)

    Distillers Yeast (DADY)


    Distillers Active Dry Yeast will produce maximum alcohol yields under controlled temperatures. Useful for making neutral alcohol bases for liqueurs. 1lb. bag sufficient for 1000 gallons.

  2. FermFast 48 Hour Turbo Yeast

    FermFast 48 Hour Turbo Yeast


    A powerful dry yeast strain packaged with supplemental nutrients. This yeast is capable of fermenting up to 14.5% ABV in only 48 hours, or as high as 20% alcohol in 5 days. Useful for making alcohol bases for liqueurs and other alcoholic drinks.