Dry Beer Yeast

Packets of dry yeast granules. These strains are designed for use in making beer of all styles. Dry yeast does not have to be refrigerated and will keep longer than liquid yeasts.

  1. Abbaye Ale Yeast

    Abbaye Ale


    Abbaye is an ale yeast strain of Belgian origin selected for its ability to produce great Belgian style beers. Great for high gravity beers such as Dubbels, Trippels and Quads, this strain will produce the signature ester profile required for authentic abbey style beers. The propagation and drying processes have been specifically designed to deliver high quality beer yeast that can be used simply and reliably to produce ales of the finest quality.

  2. Belle Saison Ale Yeast

    Belle Saison


    Belle Saison is an ale yeast of Belgian origin selected for its ability to produce great saison style beer. This strain produces an aroma that is fruity, spicy and peppery due to ester and phenol production. It has a high attenuation and alcohol tolerance, with a low flocculation rate.

  3. BRY-97 West Coast Ale Yeast

    BRY-97 West Coast Ale


    BRY-97 American West Coast Yeast was selected from the Siebel Institute Culture Collection and is used by a number of commercial breweries to produce different types of ale. It as a quick start and vigorous fermentation with Medium to high attenuation. This is a highly flocculent strain. The aroma is slightly estery and almost neutral.

  4. CBC-1 Cask and Bottle Conditioning Yeast

    CBC-1 Cask and Bottle Conditioning


    CBC-1 was selected for it’s refermentation properties, making it very suitable for cask and bottle conditioning. This yeast referments beers up to 12-14% ABV due to its high resistance to alcohol and pressure. It does not produce strong flavors, conserving the original character of the beer. The yeast will settle and form a tight mat after refermentation. It can also be used for primary fermentation and is especially suitable for Champagne-like beers and fruit beers.

  5. Munich Wheat Ale Yeast

    Munich Wheat


    Danstar Munich Wheat Beer yeast originated in Bavaria, Germany, the home of many of the world’s great wheat beer breweries. It has a quick start and vigorous fermentation with medium to high attenuation. Munich has a low flocculation rate, leaving the cloudiness traditionally found in many wheat styles. The aroma is estery to both palate and nose with typical banana notes. This yeast has found widespread use in the production of German Weizen and Hefeweizen beers.

  6. Muntons Gold Ale Yeast

    Muntons Gold


    A yeast with high flocculation and excellent ‘crusting’ characteristics, settling quickly and forming a hard bed at the bottom of a fermenter or bottle, making it easier to leave behind when transferring or pouring.

  7. Nottingham Ale Yeast

    Nottingham Ale


    Versatile dry yeast with high flocculation and attenuation. Produces a clean and neutral flavor.

  8. Safale S-04 English Ale Yeast

    Safale S-04


    A well known English ale strain noted for its fast fermentation and rapid settling. Used in the production of a wide range of ales including English ale styles.

  9. Safale US-05 American Ale Yeast

    Safale US-05


    Ready-to-pitch American ale yeast for well balanced beers with low diacetyl and a very crisp palate. This yeast ferments cleanly, making it ideal for most American style ales.

  10. Safbrew S-33 Trappist Ale Yeast

    Safbrew S-33


    Robust ale yeast able to tolerate alcohol conditions up to 11.5%. Used to produce a wide range of beer styles including Belgian wheat and Trappist beers.

  11. Safbrew T-58 Belgian Ale Yeast

    Safbrew T-58


    This yeast is known for its high ester, spicy and peppery flavor profile, able to tolerate alcohol conditions up to 11.5 percent. Suitable for any Belgian style ale.

  12. Safbrew WB-06 Wheat Ale Yeast

    Safbrew WB-06


    A specialty yeast selected for wheat beer fermentations. This yeast produces subtle ester and phenol flavor notes typical of wheat beers. The choice of Wheat or Weizen bier fans.

  13. Saflager S-23 Lager Yeast

    Saflager S-23


    Originating from the famous VLB institute in Germany, this is a true lager yeast capable of producing continental lagers with fruity, ester notes.

  14. Saflager W-34/70 Lager Yeast

    Saflager W-34/70


    From the Weihenstephan institute in Germany, this is one of the most popular lager strain worldwide. W-34/70 ferments beers with a good balance of floral and fruity aromas and gives clean flavors. This yeast creates highly drinkable lager beers. 11.5 gram packet

  15. Windsor British Ale Yeast

    Windsor Ale


    A true English strain that produces a beer which is estery to both palate and nose with a slight fresh yeast flavor. Has moderate attenuation, which will leave a relatively high final gravity.