Best Sugars and Syrups for Brewing

Refined sugars can have a variety of effects on a batch’s sweetness, body, flavor and alcohol content.

  1. D-1 Candi Syrup (Simplicity)

    Candi Syrup, D-1 (Simplicity)


    Simplicity is a light blonde candy syrup made from beet sugar. Excellent for Saison and Golden Ales, it is has a balance of highly fermentable sugars and creates a refreshing subtle flavor somewhere between citrus and honey but much lighter. This is the lightest of the candy syrups and makes an excellent addition to any strong beer that needs an ABV boost.

  2. D-180 Candi Syrup

    Candi Syrup, D-180


    Made with both beet and date sugars, this is the darkest and richest of the candy syrups. With an SRM of 180, it adds dark color and a smooth fermentability. Subtle notes of anise, dark chocolate, dark stone fruit, caramel and dark-toasted bread. A superior syrup for all dark, high gravity Belgian Ale’s or any dark beer needing that extra push into imperial territory.

  3. D-45 Candi Syrup

    Candi Syrup, D-45


    A dark-amber translucent candy syrup made from beet sugar. This syrup adds fermentable sugars and hints of caramel, vanilla, and lightly toasted bread. Exceedingly good in all Ale recipes that call for a caramel aromatic, candy sugar is not limited to Belgian Ale’s.

  4. D-90 Candi Syrup

    Candi Syrup, D-90


    A versatile dark candy syrup with a mild palate of dark chocolate, dark stone fruit, hint of coffee, toffee, and medium-toasted bread notes. This syrup is made from beet sugar and adds fermentables in addition to the multitude of flavors. Excellent for all Belgian Ale’s or darker beers.

  5. Brown Candy Sugar

    Candy Sugar (Brown)


    Used to boost alcohol content in beers. Adds brown color and rum-like flavor to a brew. Most commonly used in Belgian styles. 1 pound bag.

  6. Light Candy Sugar

    Candy Sugar (Light)


    Used to boost alcohol content in beers. Most commonly used in light colored Belgian styles, such as Trippel.

  7. Conditioning Tablets

    Conditioning Tablets


    Sugar tablets that take the place of priming sugar. Just add 3-5 tablets per bottle before filling. No measuring or stirring required.

  8. One Pound of Corn Sugar

    Corn Sugar, 1 lb.


    1 pound of corn sugar (dextrose). Used for priming bottles or as an additional fermentable to increase alcohol content without adding body.

  9. One Pound of Lactose



    A non-fermentable sugar used to increase a beer’s body without increasing alcohol content. Derived from milk products, lactose is used to make the milk stout style of beer.

  10. Eight Ounces of Malto Dextrin

    Malto Dextrin


    A non-fermentable sugar used to increase the body and mouthfeel of a beer without increasing the alcohol content.

  11. Priming Sugar Packets

    Priming Sugar


    5 ounces of corn sugar. Enough to prime 5 gallons worth of beer for bottling. One packet comes with each of our beer recipe kits.

  12. One Pound of Rice Syrup Solids

    Rice Syrup Solids


    Used to lighten beer and reduce body. Adds a mild rice flavor and fermentable sugars to a brew.