Where did all the 6-row go?

A significant portion of our malted barley, including the 6-row pale malt variety, is produced by the Briess Malting Company in Wisconsin. Earlier in 2015, Briess announced that they were going to stop producing all 6-row varieties, focusing entirely on 2-row variety grains. From now on, the entire Briess malt portfolio will be produced from 2-row malting barley. An ongoing decrease in 6-row plantings and yields coupled with rising prices of that variety and a general brewers preference for 2-row over 6-row led to the decision.


The Briess website lists their 2-Row Pale Malt as having a diastatic power of 140, which is approximately 4 times the amount needed to self convert. Consequently, 2-Row should be sufficient for any high-adjunct mash, although you may want to add some additional rice hulls if the adjuncts are huskless.
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