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Grain Index

This is a list of the grains we have available through the website. You can sort the list by name, color or ppg by clicking that columns heading.
PPG is a rating of how much potential sugar can be extracted from each grain during a mash. Color is a rating of how dark a grain will make a beer, in degrees Lovibond.
Hover over a grains description to get the full text.

Name Description PPG Color
2-Row (Pale Malt) Not to be confused with Pale Ale malt, this is a C... 371.8 More Info
Abbey Malt This grain has a pronounced maltiness augmented by... 34.517.5 More Info
Acidulated Malt Highly acidic malt which can lower mash pH, leadin... 292.2 More Info
Amber Malt A kilned specialty malt with a strong biscuity, to... 33.130 More Info
American Pale Ale Rich malt flavor and hints of biscuit and nutty fl... 36.83.5 More Info
American Pilsen Clean, sweet, delicate malty flavor. Base malt fo... 371.2 More Info
Aromatic A mildly kilned malt that will add a strong malt a... 36.319 More Info
Belgian Pilsen Light in color and low in protein. Produced from ... 36.81.6 More Info
Biscuit This toasted malt will provide a warm bread or bis... 34.523 More Info
Black Patent Color adjustment grain for all beer styles. Use w... 25500 More Info
Blackprinz A super dark, de-husked grain. The removal of the... 34.5500 More Info
Bohemian Pils German pilsner malt. Makes an excellent base malt... 36.81.9 More Info
Brown Malt A roasted specialty malt that has a strong, dark-t... 32.765 More Info
CaraAmber A great choice for traditional German beers. It i... 34.527 More Info
CaraAroma German Malt which adds fuller body, pronounced mal... 34150 More Info
CaraBelge A mild grain with restrained caramel notes. This ... 3412.8 More Info
CaraFoam German dextrin malt ideal for adding body and foam... 34.62.2 More Info
CaraHell Pale German caramel malt that gives a full, round ... 3410 More Info
CaraMunich (Belgian) Also known as Cara 45. A medium-amber crystal mal... 3445 More Info
CaraMunich I A medium crystal malt with deep color and moderate... 33.635 More Info
CaraMunich II A medium crystal malt with deep color and moderate... 33.645.5 More Info
CaraMunich III A dark crystal malt with deep color and a toasty s... 33.656.8 More Info
CaraRed Perfect for adding red color values to amber ales ... 3419.5 More Info
Carafa Special I De-husked grain used to intensify aroma and color ... 30337.5 More Info
Carafa Special II De-husked grain used to intensify aroma and color ... 30431.5 More Info
Carafa Special III De-husked grain used to intensify aroma and color ... 30525.5 More Info
Caramel Wheat This wheat malt underwent the same process as a ca... 31.347.5 More Info
Carapils Use for increased foam, improved head retention an... 34.51.5 More Info
Caravienne Also known as Cara 20. A light crystal malt used ... 34.520 More Info
Chocolate Malt (American) Dark grain with rich, roasted coffee flavor. Use ... 28350 More Info
Chocolate Malt (British) A roasted specialty malt that adds dark brown colo... 32.7450 More Info
Chocolate Rye Adds an intensified aroma of dark top-fermented be... 30244 More Info
Chocolate Wheat Kilned wheat malt lends a unique flavor dimension,... 30394.5 More Info
Coffee Malt BlackSwaen Coffee Malt is a dark roasted grain tha... 34.7210 More Info
Crystal 10 Grain with a candy-like sweetness and mild caramel... 35.410 More Info
Crystal 120 Grain with pronounced caramel flavors, slight burn... 34.5120 More Info
Crystal 150 A very dark crystal malt that will impart heavy ca... 35150 More Info
Crystal 20 Grain with candy-like sweetness and mild caramel f... 3520 More Info
Crystal 40 Grain with sweet caramel and toffee flavors.... 35.440 More Info
Crystal 60 Grain with sweet, pronounced caramel and toffee fl... 35.460 More Info
Crystal 80 Grain with pronounced caramel, slight burnt sugar ... 3580 More Info
Crystal 90 Grain with pronounced caramel, slight burnt sugar,... 34.590 More Info
Dark Munich Also known as Munich Type II, this malt is smooth,... 369 More Info
Dark Wheat Used in dark wheat beers and weizenbocks. Use smal... 37.37.2 More Info
Golden Promise A classic pale malt from the UK. Historically the... 37.32.15 More Info
Honey Malt Really doesn't compare to any other malt with its ... 36.825 More Info
Light Munich Also known as Munich Type I, this malt is smooth, ... 366 More Info
Light Wheat Produces superb wheat beers and hefeweizen, but ca... 37.72 More Info
Maris-Otter Highly regarded UK malt variety. Well modified, pa... 383 More Info
Melanoidin Much like Munich, but with more aroma. Lends mout... 34.527 More Info
Midnight Wheat Highly roasted wheat malt that contributes dark co... 32.5550 More Info
Munich Smooth and malty sweet, warming. Munich grains ad... 35.910 More Info
Oak Smoked Wheat Oak-Smoked Wheat malt is specially designed for tr... 382 More Info
Pale Chocolate Malt A light-roasted specialty malt. Lighter in color ... 32.7225 More Info
Peated Malt Peat-smoked malt has a unique, very strong smoky f... 341.5 More Info
Roasted Barley Rich, roasted, intensely bitter and dry malt. Con... 25300 More Info
Rye Malt (American) Rye malt adds a spicy complexity to any beer style... 36.83.7 More Info
Rye Malt (German) Used in German style Roggen beers and other rye be... 37.33.2 More Info
Smoked Malt (Beechwood) Also called 'rauch' malt, this malt is smooth & me... 35.42.9 More Info
Smoked Malt (Cherrywood) A smoked malt that adds a char-grilled flavor to b... 375 More Info
Special B The darkest of the Belgian crystal malts. Will im... 33.1125 More Info
Special Roast Complex malt with a characteristic and bold sourdo... 33.140 More Info
Torrified Wheat Unmalted wheat which has been heated until the gra... 35.51.74 More Info
Victory Toasty, biscuity, bready, nutty and clean, this ex... 34.528 More Info
Vienna This grain is lightly malty and warm with a mild b... 36.83.5 More Info
Wheat Malted red wheat with a creamy, sweet, malty flavo... 37.32.3 More Info
White Wheat Sweet, malty, mildly bready grain. Use as part or... 39.12.5 More Info