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FTSs (Fermentation Temperature Stabilization System)


Product Description

Good temperature control during fermentation can mean the difference between a good beer and a truly great one. Yeast's reactions to their environment is a major factor in the overall flavor of a finished beer, but is often overlooked and can be difficult to control.

The FTSs is an automatic temperature regulation system designed to work with the Brew Bucket or 7 gallon Chronical fermenters from SS Brewtech. This system comes with a replacement lid with an integrated stainless steel coil system. The included submersible pump runs hot or cold water through the coil to add or drain heat from the wort. A thermostat and temperature probe (with thermowell) control the flow to maintain a constant temperature while the tailored neoprene jacket acts as insulation to keep the wort temperature just right. This system is very similar to the glycol fermenting rigs used by many professional brewers.

You will need to supply the source of hot or cold water, which could be as simple as a cooler with ice water in it or an aquarium heater.

The FTSs is designed to be used with either the Brew Bucket or the 7 gallon Chronical fermenters. The insulation jacket is tailored to the fermenter, and will need to be selected from the options below.

FTSs (Fermentation Temperature Stabilization System) from SS Brewtech.  (Conical and Small Bucket not Included)

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