Winemaking Kit, Premium



Product Description

This kit comes with all the necessary equipment of the bonus kit with a larger primary fermenter plus a degassing rod, thief for taking samples straight out of fermentation and a floor corker for ease of bottling. Bottles and ingredients not included.

The Premium Winemaking Kit includes:
– 7.9 Gallon Fermentation Bucket with Lid and Airlock
– 6.0 Gallon Carboy with Drilled Stopper and Airlock
– Bottle Bucket with Spigot
– Bottle Brush
– Bottle Filler (large size)
– Carboy Brush
– 1 lb. Easy Clean Cleaner
– 1 lb. Potassium Metabisulphite
– 30 Premium Corks
– Portuguese Floor Corker
– Hydrometer
– Auto-Siphon (large size) with Hose
– 2 Self Stick Thermometers
– Thief for Collecting Camples
– Mix-stir Degassing Rod

Premium Winemaking Equipment Kit from HomebrewUSA

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