Brewing Kit, Bonus Plus



Product Description

This kit comes with a 5 gallon glass carboy, which allows you to perform a dual stage fermentation, reducing sediment and producing clearer, cleaner flavored beer. Having two fermenters also allows you to have two batches in process at a time. This kit is designed to make five gallon batches. Bottles, brewing kettle and ingredients not included.

The Bonus Plus Brewing Kit includes:
– 7.9 Gallon Primary Fermenter Bucket with Lid and Airlock
– 5.0 Gallon Glass Carboy with Stopper and Airlock
– 6.5 Gallon Bottling Bucket with Spigot
– Bottle Brush
– Bottle Caps
– Bottle Filler
– Carboy Brush
– 1 lb Easy-Clean Cleaner
– 4 oz Star San Sanitizer
– Triple Scale Hydrometer
– Auto-Siphon and Hose
– Book: Home Beermaking
– Self Stick Thermometer
– Twin Lever Capper

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