Faucets and Trays

Beer’s last stop before the glass. A quality faucet provides the perfect pour every time. This category contains faucets, tap handles and drip trays.

  1. Faucet Coupling Nut

    Coupling Nut


    Used to attach a faucet to a shank, holding the two firmly together. Uses a low profile outer socket to create a sleek appearance to the faucet. A faucet wrench is recommended for use with this product.

  2. 6" x 2" Wall Mounted Drip Tray

    Drip Tray, 6″ x 2″ Wall Mount


    Stainless Steel drip tray with removable grill. Provides a place to rest glassware beneath a faucet and prevents drippings from staining a floor or counter top. Mounts to any surface using standard screws. Does not self drain.

  3. Plain Black Tap Handle

    Faucet Knob, Black


    Simple, black handle for kegerator faucets. Screws directly onto the top of a standard beer faucet.

  4. Faucet Shank

    Faucet Shank


    This is the bulkhead that runs through a kegerator door. There is a barb on one end for attaching beer line and a threaded nut for attaching a faucet to the other. It is 3-1/2 ” long with a 3/16″ bore.

  5. Faucet Wrench

    Faucet Wrench


    A special wrench designed to lock into faucet nuts. Makes the task of joining and separating faucets and shanks much easier.

  6. Chrome Beer Faucet

    Faucet, Chrome


    A standard size faucet for dispensing beer from a kegerator. Attaches directly to a faucet shank in the fridge door.

  7. Stainless Steel Faucet

    Faucet, Stainless Steel


    A standard size faucet for dispensing beer from a kegerator. Attaches directly to a faucet shank in the fridge door. Stainless steel construction improves sanitary conditions and makes this faucet easier to clean.

  8. Kleen Plug Faucet Brush

    Kleen Plug


    Used for covering up a kegerator faucet to keep out air or insects. Plugging the ends of your faucets can help reduce the appearance of fruit flies, which are attracted to even small amounts of leftover beer. A small bristle brush on the end can be used to clean out the faucet before or after use.

  9. Mini Tap Faucet

    Mini Tap Faucet


    A portable tapping rig that connects directly to a soda keg. This unit sits on top of the keg and pours directly from an attached faucet, eliminating the need for a hose and picnic dispenser. This product dispenses only and does not supply gas to the keg. Available for use with either Ball-Lock or Pin-Lock kegs.

  10. Plastic Picnic Tap

    Picnic Tap


    A handheld tap for kegging on the go. This black plastic faucet is a cheap alternative to mounting taps onto a fridge door. Also known as the cobra tap.

  11. Tap Handle Ferrule

    Tap Handle Ferrule


    Used together with a hanger bolt to create custom tap handles. The ferrule screws into the bolt on one side, attaching it to the handle, then screws into the faucet on the other side to mount it on. Adds an ornate touch to any handle. Available in a shiny silver color or polished brass.

  12. Tap Handle Hanger Bolt

    Tap Handle Hanger Bolt


    Used to mount ferrules to a tap handle, this bolt has a different size threading on each end. The top end is a large screw threading that bores directly into any wooden handle and holds fast. The bottom end is a smaller threading that screws into a tap handle ferrule, enabling the handle to attach to a faucet. This bolt is necessary for making custom tap handles with an ornate metal ferrule on the bottom.

  13. Dual Threaded Tap Handle Insert

    Tap Handle Insert, Dual Thread


    Used for making custom tap handles, this bolt has a different size threading on the inside and outside of the bolt. The outside of the bolt has a large screw threading and slots for a screw driver, making it easy to embed into any wooden handle. The inside has a smaller threading that screws onto the faucet, securing it tightly. This insert is not as ornate as the ferrules, but it is simpler to install and does not require additional parts.

  14. Wooden Tap Handle

    Tap Handle, Wooden


    A decorative wooden tap handle that screws directly onto the top of a standard beer faucet.. Makes opening and closing the faucet easier.

  15. Tower Shank Assembly

    Tower Shank Assembly


    Low profile faucet shank setup with a 90 degree turn. Designed to fit in a faucet tower without worry of crimping the beverage hose.