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Custom Recipe Creator

Welcome to the HomebrewUSA custom recipe creator. To create and purchase your own recipe, select the ingredients you wish to purchase from the drop down menus provided. There are four categories of ingredients to choose from. Each category contains an ingredient selection box and a quantity box.

  • First, select the ingredient you wish to add to your recipe from the ingredient drop-down menu. The price for the selected item will be displayed on the right and a description for the ingredient will be displayed in the space below.
  • Change the quantity of the item in the box to the ingredient's right. Each ingredient has a minimum purchase increment listed in its description. The program will automatically correct any invalid entries. (.0625 lbs = 1 oz.)
  • Most malts and fermentables can be purchased in decimals of a pound or in ounces. The two fields will be added together when calculating your total. Products in this category which can not be bought by the ounce will disable the ounce selection box.
  • To cancel any ingredient, click 'remove ingredient' in the box for that ingredient.
  • To select more than one ingredient from the same category, click 'Add another ingredient' beneath the category box to create another field. You can select up to 10 ingredients in each category.
  • All grains for the recipe will be combined together in one bag. If you would like one of your grains kept seperate, please order them individually here. Rice hulls will be packed seperate from grains.
  • Hops will be packaged individually. If you select the same hop in more than one field, those quantities will be kept seperate.
  • The 'Additional Options' box on the bottom contains extra options. Check the appropriate box if you want to add a grain sock or a 5 oz. packet of priming sugar, or if you want us to mill the grains for you before shipping.
  • When you are finished selecting ingredients, the subtotal for your order will be displayed at the bottom of the page.
  • Click 'Add to Cart' to place your order and go to the shopping cart. You will not be able to edit the recipe afterward.
  • Click 'Print a Copy' if you'd prefer to bring the order into one of our retail locations. This will open a new tab and bring up your browser's print dialog.

Please note that some of the available ingredients will need to be refrigerated upon arrival. Refrigerated ingredients will ship with ice packs to ensure freshness, but will need to be placed in cold storage when brought home. All White Labs yeast (WLP) will need to be refrigerated.

Malt/Fermentables:    Quantity (pounds):    Quantity (ounces):  remove ingredient $0.00
Add another ingredient
Hops:    Quantity:  remove ingredient $0.00
Add another ingredient
Yeast:    Quantity:  remove ingredient $0.00
Add another ingredient
Specialty:    Quantity:  remove ingredient $0.00
Add another ingredient
Additional Options: Add Muslin Grain Bag ($0.75) Add Priming Sugar ($1.40) Crush Grains (no charge)
Subtotal: $0.00

Clicking 'Add to Cart' will close the recipe creator and take you to the shopping cart. You will not be able to edit this recipe afterward.