Chronical 7 Gallon Fermenter



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A stainless steel conical fermenter with a 7 gallon capacity. The cone shape at the bottom collects yeast and other sediment as it falls out of suspension and a valve at the bottom creates the option to dump the sediment at any time. A racking arm allows you to take samples and transfer beer off the sediment without needing to open the lid, minimizing exposure to air. The arm and bottom port are equipped with Tri-Clamp fittings for easy disassembly and sanitary interchangeability. The top port also accepts Tri-Clamp fittings, which can be used to construct a blow off tube or pressurize the fermenter (up to 5 psi) for faster transfer. Stainless Steel construction ensures a sturdy, non-reactive environment for fermenting excellent beverages, and makes cleaning easier than with plastic buckets. The large opening makes cleaning much easier and more thorough than with carboys. These conicals have carrying handles for ease of movement, even when full. A thermowell is added for easy access to temperature measurement devices. Gallon markings are etched on the inside for easy volume measurement. This unit comes with a stopper, but will need an airlock or blow off tube (sold separately) to function.

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