Other Books

Books about topics other than beer or wine. These cover the making of mead, cider, liqueurs and soda.

  1. Cider Making

    Cider Making


    Making, Using and Enjoying Sweet and Hard Cider. This handbook shows you how simple it is to turn fruit into nature’s most refreshing drink. By Annie Proulx and Lew Nichols.

  2. Homemade Root Beer, Soda and Pop

    Homemade Root Beer, Soda and Pop


    Make Your Own Soft Drinks That Are Tastier, Healthier and Cheaper Than Anything You’ll Find in Stores.

  3. Making the Best Apple Cider

    Making the Best Apple Cider


    From Story publishing’s Country Wisdom Bulletin series. By Annie Proulx.

  4. The Art of Distilling Whiskey

    The Art of Distilling Whiskey


    An enthusiasts guide to the artisan distilling of potent potables, this is an encyclopedic guide to the thousand year history and dynamic future of the distillation of many liquors. This carefully researched book gives a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, brandy and more. Learn how the world’s finest spirits and moonshine are distilled, the science, passion and equipment used to produce them. Edited by Bill Owens and Alan Dikty.

  5. The Compleat Meadmaker

    The Compleat Meadmaker


    Home Production of Honey Wine From Your First Batch to Award-Winning Fruit and Herb Variations.

  6. The Lore of Still Building

    The Lore of Still Building


    A fun guide on the production of alcohol for food and fuel. This book illustrates the production of alcohol both for beverage and fuel usage. Starting off with chapters on “the days of yore”, the book then covers the basic nature of alcohol, conduction of a mash and the construction and operation of a still. Beer and wine making techniques are also mentioned. By Kathleen Howard and Norman Gibat.